Corporate Face off

Beat competitor by selling your product in market.

About the Event

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Manipal University Jaipur is organising a National Entrepreneurship Summit, E-Conclave 4.0 from 8th-10th February ,2019. The 3-day flagship event is a gathering of talented and young minds to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to use the entrepreneurial skills of students and professionals in an original way as a panacea for society and spur potential leaders into positive action.


For every product in the market there is a competitor. Each of the company having its own pros and cons. People can take part as a group or as individuals. 2 teams will be drawn at random and each of them will be given 1 product in the market which are each other’s competitors. The teams have to give reasons on their own as to why their product is better creating reasons by themselves without the help of internet or any other means. They can state any reason as long it stands valid.

judging criteria

The teams would be judged on the basis of –
1 Creativity
2 Validity of point
3 confidence