Mix n Pitch

You think you’ve got the brains to plan a wierd business idea?
Well then this event is the perfect choice for you! .

About the Event

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Manipal University Jaipur is organising a National Entrepreneurship Summit, E-Conclave 4.0 from 8th-10th February ,2019. The 3-day flagship event is a gathering of talented and young minds to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to use the entrepreneurial skills of students and professionals in an original way as a panacea for society and spur potential leaders into positive action.


In this, all the participants are supposed to write a list of 5 objects, these lists are then distributed randomly to the participants. Each participant has to choose 2 words out of the 5 and pitch a business idea using both the objects! The weirder the object the difficult it is for other participants!