IPL Auction 3.0

game of cricket,.

About the Event

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Manipal University Jaipur is organising a National Entrepreneurship Summit, E-Conclave 4.0 from 8th-10th February ,2019. The 3-day flagship event is a gathering of talented and young minds to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to use the entrepreneurial skills of students and professionals in an original way as a panacea for society and spur potential leaders into positive action.


Is EA Sports Cricket '07 where you feel the most alive? Well, this event is your chance to shine. If you think management is easy, think again. Choose your players wisely, dear friend, because in the game of cricket, You either win or you’re broke.


1 Each team must contain 3-5 members.
2 Each team would be given a fixed amount of virtual money (approx. 20 lacs).
3 The teams would be shown a slide on projector which will contain a Cricket player with certain amount of stars, ranging from 1 to 5.
4 The teams will make bid on the player starting price of the bid would be specified on the slide.
5 Each team will have to buy 14 players, consisting at least 5 batsman, 5 bowlers and 1 wicket keeper.

Judging Criteria

Teams would be Judged on their
1 The team with most number of stars after buying 14 players, wins!
2 If a team is out of money before buying 14 players, they will get disqualified.
3 In case two or more teams have the Highest number of stars, then the team with more money left in their bank will win!


Prize Money Worth Rupees 4000/-.