The Manager Games

This event is about growing ongoing buisness with your ideas!

About the Event

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Manipal University Jaipur is organising a National Entrepreneurship Summit, E-Conclave 4.0 from 8th-10th February ,2019. The 3-day flagship event is a gathering of talented and young minds to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to use the entrepreneurial skills of students and professionals in an original way as a panacea for society and spur potential leaders into positive action.


The participants will be put in the shoes of a Logistics Manager, and asked to take over the operations of an existing supply chain. The participants have to optimize their production according to demand. In subsequent rounds, a company and industry profile will be given along with the working capital. The participants will have to manage their cash, production, and inventory, keeping in mind the various constraints that will be provided. They have to plan the production based on the constraints imposed